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Easing the homeless mental health crisis one kit at a time.
Mission: To teach effective mental health management skills and improve the mental health of the homeless population in San Jose.

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What is Ataraxia?

Ataraxia is a non-profit organization incubated by Project enVision U.S. that is dedicated to end mental health illnesses in the homeless population.



Ataraxia is defined as a state of serene calmness. With countless challenges and difficulties, it is essential to focus on our mental health. We wanted a simple name that succinctly delivered our goal: to help the homless population achieve ataraxia.



Majority of homeless people deal with some level of mental illness, from depression to anxiety. Ataraxia is dedicated to helping these underprivileged populations with their mental health. We teach fruitful stress management techniques, so people can be in a better mental state to be more productive and deal with challenges efficetively.

What makes us different?

Our simplicity and goal-oriented focus make us unique. In San Jose, a progressive bubble of technological and economic advancements, it is abundantly clear that some people are being left behind — specifically the homeless populations. While there are many efforts dedicated to temporary housing options and soup kitchens, very few are dedicated to the development of the homeless into independent people. Eventually, they will need to stand on their own feet by themselves — and this is where we come in. We seek to equip the homeless with the mental strategies and mindset that is vital to begin focusing on their lives.


Learn about our kits.

Our stress-relieving kits are tailored towards creating good habits to prompt a better future.


Completed Kit

What the completed kit looks like.


Kit Contents

Contains: crayons/color pencils, water bottle, notebook, stress balls, coloring book, and Ataraxia's pamphlet


Assembling the Kits

The process of organizing and creating all the kits.


We've been creating hygiene kits.

COVID-19 has rapidly strengthened inequalities and those most forgotten in these difficult times are the homeless population. We've been creating hygiene kits to serve the homeless population in this crisis. Learn more information about our current drive below.

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