We help students

Project enVision is a nonprofit accelerator focused on providing volunteer and educational services to young people everywhere.


For Students By Students

Project enVision U.S. is led by students focused on education and youth.


Uniting youth

We are building a large community of young people inspired to pay it forward, together.


Leveling the playing field

Our programs target lower income communities to break the technological and economical divide. Learning should be free!


Strengthening communities

We work closely with politicians and leaders to strengthen relationships within communities.


Inspiring the next generation

Our programs help inspire the next generation to tackle challenging and futuristic problems.

A Project enVision class at a title one school.

"Project enVision established programs at our school that will bring STEM closer to thousands of students. Their efforts will bring invaluable opportunities to our students to see that they belong in this new high tech society for years to come."

- Kim Sheffield, Principal of Stonegate Elementary School (Title I School)

Project enVision Brands

Our organization focuses on many different areas of community work. Our main programs are listed below.


Open Opportunities

COVID-19 has impacted education everywhere. Project enVision is geared in implementing sustainable learning initiatives for everyone, everywhere. Join us on our mission through the opportunities below!

Become a Tutor

Project enVision is looking for passionate tutors to help out with our mission. Contact us for more information!



Ataraxia is an organization incubated through Project enVision that provides mental health help/service to the homeless population. Visit Ataraxia's page for more information!

Apply to Volunteer

Project enVision is looking for dedicated volunteers to help out with our mission. Contact us for more information!


Partnered With Industry-Leading Companies

We partner with some of the world's most forward-thinking and industry-leading companies. Together, we hope to build a better future and a new generation of innovators.